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Bill Blackwood Voice Over

From The North Larger than Life Actor with nowt taken out

"A Rich Voice with a wealth of experience and calming integrity."

"Mature with a voice that is Warm, Genuine and Reassuring."

Who needs a Voice Over?

Commercials, Documentaries, corporate films, ‘how-to’ films. When you call a company it is likely that you’ll hear an automated voice, thats Voice Over.

If you need to ask Alexa or Cortana, take a guided tour round a Stately Home, listen to an audio book or find your way with a SatNav that's Voice Over too.

Radio Plays, all those voices you can hear on TV and films without seeing a face they are voice over

Who needs Voice Over?  We all do!!

If you want a voice over you need Bill Blackwood.  A Yorkshire Voice as deep and rich as the seams of coal that run underground.  A voice as colourful and bright as the area called "Gods Own Country".

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